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... I've been receiving emails from people all night who wish me good luck with the new job and they are very curious about the new job... Karen, who previously worked with webdesign was very interested in my new job... wether I was working in this new kind of high-tech webhotels... and I must say that I am... we're providing the companies that rent space/storage/access with new services as soon we're done with developing them... we dream up new shit every day... :)

Earlier tonight, the old gang from the old job joined up to celebrate my departure... or honor it... I really gonna miss these persons... they said I was their third son... yes, it's a family company and most of the family is employed in it... but that doesn't matter... it sounded like they really had accepted me for being just me... I wish they could have done this a little earlier... and shown their appreciation... instead of this... I'm sad that I'm gonna leave this company... and all the people overseas that I hold dear... *sniffle*

I'm a mess right now... drunk, after a long restaurant visit... and the fact that we sat don discussing my situation.. they wondered how the future's gonna be... and how I'm gonna act... they've said that I'm always welcome back to visit them and have a coffee with them... and that I'm gonna do some small integration works for them...

fuck... now I'm feeling insecure... and I don't really have a clue about the new job... the only things I know for sure about the new job is that it's gonna be a real challenge and that it requires a lot of me... to perform as a programmer and database designer...
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