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... outta hell...

Matt and the boss just left... the boss and I had a little talk during his lunch break, he asked me what kind of salary I'd like for when I work some nights when they have technical work later on... I said a figure... and he raised it!!! Maybe they have come to some insight that they need me and that I'm going away... did they think i was joking about the new job or what? the extra cash will be considered as 'lunch-money'...

I also had to show the boss some kind of statement or declaration about my sick days and how many vacation days I've got from last year... and according to my notes I've got 18 days left... and additional 20 days for this year... I'm gonna get close to a full months salary (extra) after some deductions for a loan and other things...

Hopefully the pay check is coming on time next month on the new job... haven't checked that yet... else I'll have some extra money stashed away.

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