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A wake up call...

... A customer called in, we discussed some stuff and I told him that I'm gonna leave the company...

He: "Ehm... when are you leaving?"
Me: "My last day is Wednesday..."
He: "So, you're going away?"
Me: "Yes, I'm changing jobs..."
He: "Ok, what are you going to do at the new job?"
Me: "Mostly programming, webdesign and play around with SQL servers..."
He: "Cool... We might bump into eachother in the future."
Me: "Hehe, yeah... maybe..."

He's really cool and all... but he works for a pretty large swedish company and my new job doesn't remotely come in contact with his company... or else he might also be thinking of changing careers. whatever. He's one of the few guys I don't have to level down to to make myself understood...

He sounded a bit shocked, as he hadn't expected this change... but who would? I didn't even think about changing jobs in November...

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