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During the late lunch-break...

... I met two friends...

... the first was a class-mate from school, I heard a couple of months back that he had problems with drugs, alcohol and amphetamine I think... he seemed to be sober and happy to see me... we had a 5 minute talk and then I had to go fetch some food...

... the other one was a former girlfriend who came running towards me, shouting my name... She was all excited and talked really fast... She's studying at the moment, to become an IT-Economist... she reminded me that she owes me a C++ book and 100 SEK... which I had forgotten about... I told her about the old and new jobs and she said that the new job sounds like it would fit me like a glove... it sure will.

Now I'm back at the office, I've already ate... and my slate is blank... nothing to do... just waiting for the day to end...
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