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Mom and 'The real world'...

Mom got all upset yesterday when I told her about LJ... She argued about privacy and stuff... and I told her that I never use to name people by their real full names... and it's more my thoughts and ideas that comes out than stuff about people... she couldn't understand why i wanted to share what's going on inside my head with the whole world... Mom has kept diary since the beginning of the 60's I think... so, I thought she'd understand, but apparently she don't...

I'm writing for my own personal amusement... well, some other people might be amused by reading what I write too... but the general idea is to put thoughts to writing... for me writing is a sort of therapy and relief... and keep a log of what happens around me... I tend to forget stuff..

I have a lot to think about and can move stuff to /dev/null after writing about it in LJ...

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