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I've got about two weeks... then I start my new job... feels good... the boss offered me some job on the side... to do evenings... later when I've started with the new one... hopefully giving some extra cash for doing some simple tasks... they act like the don't have grudges... the boss told me a couple of weeks ago that I could do some serious money if i stay with the company... like $3k5 to $4k a month... like I didn't know that our manufacturer are looking for people to do exactly what i do already... which means they have not even considered about me... and I don't really care... on the new job I won't have business cards, I won't travel to the states every year, I won't have to take care of all the 'invisible' tasks and I won't work +8 hours...


I will have a lot more people to talk to, I will do what I like most, I will get a better salary, I will have better chances for career moves, I will have people around me that I don't need to level down to, to make myself understood, I will get attention for my work, I will get perks and bonuses...

I discovered that my brother has found LiveJournal...

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