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weird mail

Some dude contacted me, to try to buy this blog because of the name .. nope. Not for sale, sorry.
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Almost a year

We have been living in Västerås for almost a year now, the way here was a bit bumpy in the beginning, as we had two months in between homes. See previous post for more information.

Everything about our new apartment and the city is feeling good, feels like we have been living here since forever. Daily commute is ~25 minutes in each direction, daycare for son is good, wife has two employments to fill out her otherwise spotty study schedule and I am in the middle of my summer vacation, spending time with our son Marcus.

Things are peachy.

Plans for the future includes drivers license and using the bicycle more, we live in a bicycle-positive city and I need to shed some "insulation".
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Yet more changes

Yup, moving to the next city, Västerås, which in my opinion is less sucky than current city, Eskilstuna.

But ... there is always a "but", we got caught in a bit of a limbo, we are stuck between apartments for a month, technically we are homeless as we during September do not have any residency. As we move out of current apartment, shove everything into storage and go to live at (this part is not really complete yet) bed & breakfast/long stay hotel/rental cabin for a month while bringing Lord Assburp to daycare on the way to the office, wifey are going early mornings to study, so I am tasked with the logistics part.

But it feels good anyway, even if some parts is hanging in thin air, the destination apartment is worth the wait, it is just some obstacles on the route to our new home base.

Daycare is fixed and Lord Assburg got a spot/position in there, wifey has transferred her studies to new school and I am already working (since a year) in the new city.

Now we just need the get our asses over there. Just a few weeks of vacation between us and the move, my first long vacation (4 weeks) in several years as I have jumped around between employers a bit (which is a completely other post) and now have settled down with this company which is really good - fun, stimulating and creative.
Yeah right

.. a little later.

Yet again, a long period since last update.

Nothing much has changed, working and commuting. Went to Spain, Almuñecár on conference with the job in the end of may, actually on my birthday. Really nice area, a subtropical spot of Europe with possibility to see across the Mediterranean over to Morocco, North Africa on a clear day.

Got an iPhone 3GS a few days before we left for Spain, brought it with me to Spain. The economy-lady told us that roaming costs would be deducted from salary as roaming was not covered in the phone deal. At the plane before take off I put the iPhone into Airplane-mode, arrived in Spain, to discover that what I thought was SIM-unlock code wasn't. I still used it to "steal" WIFI at the hotel at night, when sleepless.

I used my private phone as well, checking in on Foursquare and Gowalla ... thinking that the roaming and data transfer rates would not be that heavy.

I was wrong. A few days ago I got the bill, with a rather large amount on the Roaming Abroad row, about $60 for just under 5Mb data, 10 minute phone call and 3 SMS. I'm quite happy that I used the WIFI a lot in the hotel lobby, it was during the ShipToGaza-incident and I was following it on twitter.

Btw, I'm cisene on all the services above, if you'd like to friend me there as well.
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More time...

I wish there was more time...

I've been working my butt off the last couple of weeks, both at the office and at home. Lots of stuff going on and in end of this month, I'm going to Malaga, Spain for a "conference" -- well, atleast there will be some powerpoint slides, strategy review and such worky things... and then a few days of sun and bath... or for me, shade.

Mandatory Iphones will be issued this month, as the steam-phones at the office goes away. I don't really want an Iphone, I'd rather get a spanking new Google Nexus One. Android is prettier.

I've been working nights at home with at little project the last couple of weeks, a complete rewrite of an existing project I've been running since November 2008, I released this old-new project last week, working with finding bugs and kinks in the system, so far it has only been offline/hung for a few minutes. I'm planning on releasing it internationally within a few weeks, I neeed a few translators to do a little translating for me, I can't pay but can credit and link. Languages that would be nice to have it translated into, as Swedish and English is already in place, would be: German, Spanish, Frensh, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Portugese .. Russian? It's about 70 small chunks of text, many repeting blocks.

.. so, there... an update.
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Yeah right

it's been a while... again

Damn, I'm really lousy at updating this.

Much has happened since last time, I've changed jobs, still commuting to Stockholm though. I'll try writing something more later this week, really busy at work.
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Yeah right

Eh, some sort of summary of recent events...

Well, much have happened since I last updated...

.. I've managed to work about 8 months with a new employer, in Stockholm, enjoying it. I'm commuting between Eskilstuna and Stockholm every day (some 110 kilometers in each direction) which is about two hours on the train every day. I got time on the train to watch series (Fringe, Chuck, Reaper, Life, Sarah Conner Chronicles and so on) and even manages to get some work done while traveling, once in a while.

.. We have been living in a small-ish yellow house for more than a year now, really nice neighborhood, not as rough as the previous one where criminal activity were present daily, this new neighborhood have only had one incident recently, the local grocery store got robbed the other week by kids with motorcycle helmets.

.. I started blogging in Swedish and got a few regular readers, posted about the Swedish wiretapping laws (which suck big-time) and the visit-o-meter popped up from 10-20 visits a day to 35-50 a day. Fun.

.. This summer, me and the Lady, went to Kolmården, a Zoo-park-thingy were you can see all sorts of animals in themed areas. We had a special arrangement, to meet real live wolves. Spent about an hour with these four male wolves, really nice animals, really social to humans and cuddly as hell as they fought for attention, the park ranger got them howling too, the wolves are not as most of the Swedish population imagines them; blood-hungry beasts that sinks their teeth into anything that breathes. Got some really nice pictures.

.. Went to see Henry Rollins @ Rival, Stockholm, with my brother as his birthday gift from me. Rollins kicks some serious ass.

.. Went to see Stephen Lynch (with David Josefsberg and Rod Cone as side-kicks) with friends, if I'd have a really bad day, a few songs from Stephen could save the day! Josefsberg were an addition to the show, with the song The Dirty Sanchez, he took it to another level/dimension.

.. that's only a few things. I've been working all summer and haven't had any real vacation, gonna take some days around Christmas.
Yeah right


I'm looking for a couple of good books about Postscript and SOAP, have spotted a few but can't make up my mind about them, if I'm gonna buy them for myself or let the company pay or buy a set for myself and let the company buy another set also.

I could really use a set for myself, as I find Postscript interesting and SOAP really useful. Would do fine as bed-time literature.

The general idea about using Postscript is to develop a few templates with a lot of functionality embedded, so I would be able to just pass a few arguments such as top, left positions and the contents to a function, which calculates line-spacing, alignment and such according to some rules and Postscript would handle the mechanics of processing. That would ease the production of PDFs, ready for print, also that would enable simple browser based preview of pages in the making.

There is also need for a few SOAP agents, to fetch data from remote servers, parse and store data to a database. I know only the most basic stuff about SOAP so there's a quite steep learning curve. I'm supposed to have a SOAP solution running in a few weeks, to push data to a remote server, although the receiving script has yet to be built as it's a completely new product.

In the beginning of June I have a Adobe seminar scheduled in Stockholm, lots of new and interesting stuff to see and get my hands on, AIR, Flex and other techniques, I'm also gonna bombard them with questions about PDFs and Postscript.

(Sorry about the boring topic)